Half way there! 2000 signatures reached in #Climate Emergency petition #Manchester

A massive thank you to all those people out there who have been collecting signatures on sheets.  Between the 447 online and the ones on paper (1564 and counting) we are now … over halfway to the 4000 threshold.


As well as being able to take your sheets to the Sandbar, 120 Grosvenor St, you now can also take them to Patagonia, 51 King St (on the corner with Cross Street).  In both cases, please put the sheets in a sealed envelope labelled “Climate Emergency Petition” and give them to a member of staff.

We have updated the petition sheet to reflect that, and you can download the new version here.

When you are collecting signatures, please get people to give their FULL address.  A postcode is not enough.  What we are saying is “imagine your auntie was sending you a 50 pound note – what address would you want her to put?”

If you want to go out collecting but are daunted at the prospect, please get in touch – we can offer advice but we might also be able to pair you up with some other people so you can do it with them.  Here are two accounts of collecting signatures – in Levenshulme and in the City Centre.