Climate Emergency Manchester doesn’t do “come one, come all, yes you’ve only been here five minutes and you may not be here in another five, but sure you get an equal say on the long-term future of this organisation which has people who’ve been here for yonks and will be here long after you’re gone.”

Call us crypto-fascist filth, but we don’t think that works.

We have a core group. Membership of the core group is invite-only, and comes with “benefits” (you get to do loads of unpaid and unglamorous work) as well as responsibilities (you get to do loads of unpaid and unglamorous work).

No, we are not a vanguard. No we are not doing this alone. We cannot possibly do this alone. What are you, not paying attention?

We have loads of allies we work with – individuals and groups.  Some have loads of time and interest in what we do, and are deeply plugged in to specific operations (waves at Team SF). Others pop in and out as interest/the rest of their lives allow them. That’s very cool too.

The current core group is made up of (drum roll please) – Adam, Calum, Chloe, Hannah, Robbie and Simon.