Climate Emergency Manchester has a core group of seven (at present – may expand, may contract).

We’ve been a part of getting Manchester City Council to declare a climate emergency in July 2019,and a major part in getting the Council to promise to set up a dedicated climate scrutiny committee, in February 2021.

Seven people doing all that – wow, it  “punches above its weight.”

Er, no.  No, no, no.

The core group is not CEM. CEM is all the people who watch scrutiny committee meetings and report on them, who write letters to the newspaper, who go out collecting signatures, who talk to other folks about the need for emergency climate action.

We have some supporters who have loads of time and interest in what we do, and are deeply plugged in to specific operations (waves at Team SF).

Others pop in and out as interest/the rest of their lives (kids, jobs, caring responsibilities, stamina, mental health etc) allow them. That’s very cool too.

We have very few rules with supporters. Not lunching stuff out is one of them.