The short and simple version is – if you are interested in what we do, and want to help, collaborate with or contact us for any reason, the easiest way to do that is, or you can Tweet us @ClimateEmergMcr

The number one thing is this;

  • We know it’s really difficult. We know people don’t want to think about climate change. It’s too big, too terrifying.
  • We know that local government is confusing.
  • We know it is easier to believe that the way to get change on climate policy is to fill the streets somewhere else.
  • We know everyone is busy, with jobs, hunting for jobs, caring for kids, caring for parents, trying to have a ‘normal’ life – hobbies, friends, the rest of it.
  • We know that far too often social movement organisations operate on a boom-or-bust, all-or-nothing, if-your-face-doesn’t-fit-go-away model, where you have to sit through endless confusing meetings to find out even a clue of what is happening next and how you can be involved.

Okay, that was five number ones, but you get the gist.

Climate Emergency Manchester is for people who are busy but who still want to do stuff as and when they can.

We will publish dashboards of jobs. We will put out call-outs online. Some jobs will be simple and quick. Others will require more time or specialist skills.

Doing something with us does NOT mean that we will then hassle you to do more. We run a strict “no emotional blackmail” policy, because emotional blackmail is morally wrong (and even if it weren’t, it does not ‘work’)

All that said – one thing, please no “lunching out.”