We are a group of concerned citizens in Manchester, doing what we can to improve the city’s response to the climate and ecological emergencies

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Our aims as a group are below – you can read about these in more detail in the blog post where we announced them.

Aim One – Thriving

For us to thrive as active citizens (in a broader ecosystem of resistance that includes close supporters, allies and interested by-standers). That is, we as CEM sustain ourselves and support each other, to grow in numbers, in skills, in relationships, and to ensure the conditions under which we as individuals within the group, the group as a whole, and its allies continue to thrive.

Aim Two – What we do with the Thriving

To use the power that this thriving gives us (skills, knowledge, connections, credibility etc)  to put consistent and substantial pressure on Manchester City Council and other local centres of political, economic and cultural influence, so that Manchester’s responses to climate change are rapid, radical and do not harm the poorest and marginalised in society.

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