Project title: Know the City


What we are doing:  We are trying to figure out what cool stuff is happening – and support it – in all 32 wards across the city, around community responses to climate change, coronavirus and environmental / social problems . We are creating web pages for all 32 wards in the city and populating each page with the most up-to-date and relevant information we can find.  We cannot do this alone, obviously.


Why we are doing it :  When we emerge from the lockdown, we need to know who is doing what where, so we can support / liaise with individuals and organisations across the city.


When we hope to have it “complete” by:  We want this to be done by the end of the year at the absolute latest.


What we want from our volunteers:  We want volunteers to ‘adopt’ at least one ward (starting with the one where they live) and do a systematic search on the internet (not just google) trying to track down information that is needed, while obeying GDPR.

What skills and knowledge you will need or be willing to develop


1  Web-based research skills

2 Populating a database/spreadsheet

3 Writing a basic blog post about the ward in question and what you’ve been able to uncover.


1 What is happening in ward(s) we ask you to look at.

Contact us via:


Standard disclaimer:

CEM doesn’t do open-ended commitments or emotional blackmail – you can take on one job without us wrapping ourselves around you like a peckish anaconda

We will try to match jobs to the amount of time, skill, motivation you have.
If something comes up, and you can’t do what you said, please tell us!