Project title:  Petition signature gathering

What we are doing: 

We are collecting signatures (the magic number is 4000) for a petition calling on Manchester City Council to:

  1. a) set up a seventh scrutiny committee, dedicated to climate policy, and;
  2. b) make strenuous efforts to look for more money for local climate action

You can see the petition here.

We have 250 online already and about 500 on paper.

We are trying to do this in ways that increase the knowledge, skills and connectedness of people in  Manchester 


Why we are doing it :  

The City Council needs to be better held to account on what it is doing – more deeply and more regularly, we need more money for action, and we need a more informed and connected set of people keeping tabs on the Council.

When we hope to have it “complete” by:  July-August 2020


What we want from our volunteers: 

We urgently need your help in collecting these signatures – getting you to collect, online and also on paper if/when you can do it safely.

We ALSO need you to encourage your friends and colleagues to encourage THEIR friends and colleagues to collect.  If we make this go ‘viral’, (probably the wrong term right now), then we can collect these…

What skills and knowledge you will need or be willing to develop


1 Encouraging other people to take action on climate change locally 

2 Project management

3 Graphic design



1 Influencing people

2 How the council works

3 Social media skills


Contact us via: or


Standard disclaimer:

CEM doesn’t do open-ended commitments or emotional blackmail – you can take on one job without us wrapping ourselves around you like a peckish anaconda

We will try to match jobs to the amount of time, skill, motivation you have.
If something comes up, and you can’t do what you said, please tell us!