On Wednesday July 10th 2019 Manchester City Council unanimously agreed to a climate emergency motion.  You can see the text here.

We at Climate Emergency Manchester will be holding the council on its implementation of this motion.  Every three months we will produce a quarterly report called Hung, Drawn and Quarterly (geddit).

We cannot do this alone. We want you, yes YOU, to look through the motion and pick one that you care about, or can fool  yourself into caring about.  We want you to ‘adopt’ that element.

That involves find out who in the council is going to be responsible for implementing it, how and when.  We want you to arrange to get regular updates (hopefully without having to resort to the Freedom of Information Act, but we will help you with that if it comes to that).

Here’s an important part – adopting an element of the motion does NOT mean that you have to turn up to any meetings – either CEM or Council.  Life is too short. It means that you send emails, keep track of response (or lack of them) and then share with us.

Interested? Confused? Both? Something else? Email us at climateemergencymanchester@gmail.com