This list will be updated as regularly as required. If you want to get involved but cannot find something you want to do in this list, please get in touch – (Also note, our idea of “simple”/”complex” and “quick”/”long” is fuzzy.)

 PS Thanks to the wonderful Marc Roberts fot the illustrations!

Simple and Quick


Sign the petition and share the link on social media 

Like/follow us on social media (Twitter, Facebook – we may even go Instagram to be millennial-friendly

Make sure you have copies of the paper petition forms (downloadable here) so you can collect signatures at weddings, birthdays, christenings, football matches, duels etc.

Simple and Long


Print off copies of the petition and get your housemates/friends to sign it. You can then take the completed sheets to either the Sandbar (120 Grosvenor St)  or Patagonia (cnr King St and Cross St). Or email us and we will arrange collection

Get involved in lobbying your councillors each time something important is coming up

Come along to a Scrutiny Committee meeting – the next one we are going to is on Wednesday 17th July in the afternoon. It’s a neigbhourhoods and environment scrutiny commmittee meeting,and climate change is on the agenda.  We will be meeting at 1pm at the Waterhouse Pub on Princess st, and then going over to the Town HallExtension together in time for the meeting,which starts at 2pm.


Complex and Quick



Fire off a letter to the Manchester Evening News about climate change and what needs to be done.

Make a list of people who would probably be interested in what Climate Emergency Manchester is doing/trying to do and send them our details


Complex and Long



Build a close relationship with your councillors so they know that you are supportive of real efforts to tackle climate change, but get effectively annoyed by greenwash and spin

Become a policy expert/organ grinder on a specific policy of area, and a resource that all can draw upon.