We will update this page whenever we get new information – please send anything you think should be included here, with name of the ward in the subject header, to climateemergencymanchester@gmail.com)

Climate Emergency Manchester wants to advertise groups, social enterprises etc that exist specifically in the ward, including “Friends of” groups. For more information about groups that operate throughout Manchester, please see the “other groups” page on our site.

So far we know about these:

Meanwhile, if you live in the ward, and you want people to be able to contact you via this page, please let us know – give us an email, twitter account, web address or phone number (or combination of those) that you are happy to have published.

Official Manchester City Council projects ongoing regarding climate

None that we’re aware of

Details of Councillors representing this Ward

Councillor Email Twitter, blog Position on July 10 motion
Sarah Judge cllr.s.judge@manchester.gov.uk Unknown
Eddy Newman cllr.e.newman@manchester.gov.uk Unknown
Brian O’Neil cllr.brian.oneil@manchester.gov.uk Unknown