1. Sign the petition
If you live, work or study within Manchester City Council’s boundaries, you can sign. You can sign online, or download a blank sheet and sign

2. Ask 10 specific friends and family members to sign – online or, if and only if it is safe to do so, on paper
Contact them individually via Whatsapp, text, Tindr, email, phone call, whatever

3.  Change your social media profiles to point to the petition, even if only on 7th of August, September, October and November…

4.  Blog, tweet, Instagram, facebook post about the petition

5.  Tell us about upcoming meetings where we might be able to come and talk (online or even, maybe, face-to-face)

6.  Get us space in your organisations’ newsletters and e-bulletins to publicise the petition

7.  Make a video about who you are, why you have signed

8.  Ask any social, campaigning, community hobby group you are in if you can talk to them about the petition and how important it is

9.  Ask your church, mosque, temple “etc” to talk about climate change and what needs to be done in Manchester

10 . If and only if it is safe to do so, print off a sheet and collect (e.g. from family members and housemates who are not going to battle with the website registration process)

11.  Ask the staff in your GP surgery, your pets’ vet surgery etc to sign online

12.  Ask your councillors to sign (they probably won’t, but it’s good to ask them – makes them (more) aware of the petition!)

13.  Put a poster about the petition in your front window

14.  Join us as we walk around Manchester City Centre with sandwich boards that have a Q-Code pointing to the petition (no, really)

15.  Tell us your ideas for collecting signatures Our email is petition@climateemergencymanchester.net