If you are a Manchester-based organisation and you want to sign this open letter, please email contact@climateemergencymanchester.net

We the undersigned are deeply concerned about climate change. We know that it is a basic question of justice- what kind of world are we leaving for the young of our own species, and for other species?

We know that Manchester has made a series of commendable commitments over the last decade, and that there are several high profile success stories that the City Council can be justly proud of.

However, we also know  that in the last two years alone Manchester as a city has burned through a quarter of its carbon budget for the rest of the 21st century. This is in no way sustainable.

We therefore call on the City Council to create a seventh scrutiny committee, dedicated to climate change. The committee should have a cross-cutting remit, to examine not just the Council’s performance, but also that of its arms-length community interest company (the Manchester Climate Change Agency), the broader Manchester Climate Change Partnership and other actors not currently engaged in action.

We are aware  that a scrutiny committee is not a decision-making body. We believe it could act as a vital watchdog, sounding board and also as a source for good ideas and better dialogue.

On its own it is not a magic bullet, but without it, we believe the City runs very serious risks in falling further behind its high aspirations.

We urge everyone who lives, works or studies within Manchester City Council’s boundaries to sign the petition on the Council’s website.We will join in the efforts to collect signatures online and – where safe – on paper, over the coming weeks.

Manchester needs to do better. A seventh scrutiny committee is one part of what is needed. 

Signatories (alphabetical)
A6 Cycle Action
Acorn Manchester
Carbon Coop
Chorlton Cycle Deliveries
Climate Emergency Manchester
Compass Manchester
Greater Manchester Housing Action
Greater Manchester Labour for a Green New Deal
Green New Deal podcast
Grub Mcr
Kindling Trust
Manchester Green Party
Save Ryebank Fields
Stitched Up
Steady State Manchester
Youth Strike Manchester