So, you’ve established you’re eligible to sign the petition, great! Before you actually sign, we need to make you aware of a few things about how the MCC petition website works:

  • If you live in Manchester and have registered on the MCC website to be able to access Council services (eg ordering a new wheelie bin or reporting a problem with a streetlight), the details you use to do this will not work on the petition website
  • You will need to register a new email address and password to sign the petition

As you eligibility is dependent on you living, working or studying in Manchester, it’s important that you complete the petition with the address that confers your eligibility. If you live outside the MCC boundary but live or work within it, the eligible address will be that of your place of work or study. Please ensure that it’s fully completed – make sure you have the full street address (including postcode) to hand before you go to complete the postcode.

Got your eligible address ready? OK, you’re all set to go sign the petition. Be sure to come back here when you’re finished…..