What we are doing:  (one paragraph) Over the rest of this year we will, with supporters, be creating a useful curriculum of learning materials so that people can become useful advocates for radical local action.  Climate citizenship is not a naive neoliberal ‘information deficit’ excuse for greenwishing , greenwashing and narcissism – it is instead a platform for people who want to connect with others, create radical local change in what society – and government – does about climate change

Why we are doing it :  Without a vastly increased number of people who have the skills, knowledge and connections to create, grow and sustain pressure for change, then the current level of climate concern will end up as just another wave of exhortation followed by some nice policies which never get implemented. We’ve done that enough. We need to change.

When we hope to have it “complete” by:  31 December 2020 for all the basic components to be ready so that people can complete the training and get the “certificate” (yes, that is tongue-in-cheek).

What we want from our volunteers: 

We want you to be involved at every stage

What skills and knowledge you will need or be willing to develop



1 ability to list what skills you’d like to a) have or b) develop further

2 being able to come up with suggestions for how you develop those / get other people to help you develop them

3 helping us draft and refine materials that help you and others ‘skill up’



1  knowing what skills/knowledge you have want to get or improve

2  knowing where the people are who could help / mentor / teach these skills (or what materials already exist that we could make use of)


Contact us via:  contact@climateemergencymanchester.net


Standard disclaimer:

CEM doesn’t do open-ended commitments or emotional blackmail – you can take on one job without us wrapping ourselves around you like a peckish anaconda

We will try to match jobs to the amount of time, skill, motivation you have.
If something comes up, and you can’t do what you said, please tell us!