Please let us know that you’ve written to him, and what reply you receive.

The email address is

Dear Sir Richard Leese,

I am writing to you in your capacity as Leader of the Council. On 9th February 2021  you spoke at Resources and Governance Scrutiny Committee saying that “We do not have to wait until May; we have a council meeting in seven weeks time, if we wish to change the balance of the committees we can do it at that meeting… Can I suggest them that we make a recommendation that the existing committee structure is reviewed, with a view to significantly greater emphasis being given on climate change, and the environment more broadly, with a view to there being a committee which is predominantly focused on that.”

I applaud this commitment to more regular and therefore detailed scrutiny, as one of the ways we need to drive up ambition and action on the climate emergency, so that Manchester can continue to demonstrate leadership on this issue.

My simple plea is this: make what you and your colleagues take to Labour Group, and then on to Cons and Noms and then on to full Council, meaningful. Make the recommendations as strong as possible. If ever you are thinking of watering down, instead water UP. 

You may be aware of Climate Emergency Manchester’s short briefing document on the suggested remit, membership and functioning of a new committee.

Also, I know how (rightly) concerned everyone is about GDPR, so I should be clear – I am very happy for you to share both this email message and my email address with other councillors, and for them to contact me about this.

Yours sincerely