These are the chairs of the six scrutiny committees.

Scrutiny Committee



Children and Young People

Bernard Stone (until May)


Communities and Inequalities

John Hacking



Hannah Priest



John Farrel

Higher Blackley

Neighbourhoods and  “Environment”

LeeAnn Igbon


Resources and Goverannce



Dear x

I am writing to you in your capacity as a Scrutiny Committee Chair, since this means that you are also a member of the Oversight and x committee. I know that you are working with the City Solicitor and her team, the Governance Unit and the Leader of the Council to produce a report about the Council’s governance arrangements.  This is in response to the Resources and Governance Scrutiny Committee recommendation at their meeting on Tuesday 9th February.

Your report will then be tabled at the Constitution and Nominations Committee in late March, ahead of the Full Council meeting on Wednesday 31st March.

My simple plea is this: make it meaningful. Make the recommendations as strong as possible. If ever you are see any watering down, instead water UP. 

You may be aware of Climate Emergency Manchester’s brief document on the suggested remit, membership and functioning of a new committee.

I know that scrutiny is only one way of driving rapid change, but it is an important way. I know you voted for a climate emergency declaration in July 2019. The strongest possible set of recommendations to Cons and Noms (and then, barring accidents, on to full Council) is one way of matching ambition with action.

Also, I know how (rightly) concerned everyone is about GDPR, so I should be clear – I am very happy for you to share both this email message and my email address with other councillors, and for them to contact me about this.

Yours sincerely