Members of Parliament have no formal authority over local councils. However, the five listed below all have extensive contacts within Manchester City Council’s Labour group, and their voices matter.

Please personalise your letter and let us know what reply you get

Mike KaneWythenshawe and Sale

Has repeatedly voted for climate action
Afzal KhanManchester

Was on the Executive of Manchester City Council. Attended at least one Climate Strike
Lucy PowellManchester

 Long-term awareness of the issue.

Was at one time Executive Member for Environment
Graham StringerBlackley and, climate “skeptic“.

Dear X,

I am writing to you about a local council matter, which I know does not strictly fall within your remit.

However, this is a (climate) emergency, and I am pulling on every democratic lever I can.

I know you share my concern about climate change.

On Tuesday February 9th a committee of Manchester City Council heard  from Chloe Jeffries of the campaigning group Climate Emergency Manchester (CEM) about its petition and proposal for a dedicated scrutiny committee. The committee recommended that a review of scrutiny take place.

I am writing to you to ask you to use whatever influence you have with the leader of the council and the chairs of the six existing scrutiny committees to ensure that the strongest possible proposals for enhanced scrutiny are put before a meeting of full Council on Wednesday 31st March. You may be interested in a recent report by CEM about potential scrutiny arrangements (link)

Also, I know how (rightly) concerned everyone is about GDPR, so I should be clear – I am very happy for you to share both this email message and my email address with the aforementioned councillors, and for them to contact me about this.

Yours sincerely