#Climate Emergency petition now over 1000 signatures. Thanks for your hard work. #Manchester

Thank you.

Thank you for signing the petition online.

Thank you for getting your friends to sign it

Thank you for sharing it on  Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc.

Thank you for downloading and printing off sheets, collecting signatures and bringing the sheets to the Extinction Rebellion meetings on Monday nights (you can also leave completed sheets at the Sandbar, 120 Grosvenor St.

Thank you for allowing us to talk about the petitions at your meetings

Thank you for inviting us to do talks/workshops for your organisations (more of this please!)

Thank you for all your hard work and enthusiasm.


There’s a way to go yet, and we’re going to try to get beyond the four thousand signatures threshold as soon as possible.  We have other plans, for getting good practical and effective policies and ideas circulating before the Council debates our motion in October/November. If you want to get more involved than you already are, please email us on climateemergencymanchester@gmail.com and/or fill in the contact form.

Don’t forget the What Next for Climate Action meeting in Manchester on Thursday May 23rd, and the “When September Ends” competition (deadline 6 June).