What are YOUR ideas for #climate action in #Manchester?

Manchester people need to step up and fill the leadership vacuum on climate action since Manchester City Council is acting slowly or not at all.

So, we want to know.

What are your ideas about what the Council could do – with zero money – about climate change between now and Christmas,and then New Year’s Day to April 2020?

What will you (as an individual or as part of an organisation) pledge to do in the same periods?

Climate Emergency Manchester wants your ideas and pledges by 12 noon on Saturday 19th October. We will release a report on Monday 21st October, and make sure copies get into the hands of councillors who give a damn. We will give them copies to give to their colleagues, and to officers who give a damn.

Here’s the situation

On Thursday 10th October, to mark the three month anniversary of the climate emergency declaration by the City Council, Climate Emergency Manchester (CEM) released a report about what action the council had (not) taken. The report, titled ‘Dead Tortoise Society’ made depressing reading – on almost half of the 23 elements in the declaration, there was no action. On several others there was very slow action. On the question of re-examining the 2038 target in an open and transparent process by the end of the year, the Council seems to have done less than nothing (yes, that’s not a typo). If this is their idea of an emergency, we’d hate to see Business As Usual…

Here’s the mission

Despair and pull your hair out. No, wait, that’s (possibly) next year’s mission.

The mission is this –

Firstly, tell us your ideas about how Manchester City Council could step up real action on climate change, both on the 23 elements of its declaration, but ALSO other things they could do. But here’s the catch – your ideas have to involve ZERO money, since there is zero money (except for buying retail parks and turning them into carparks. There’s money for that, obvs).

Secondly, going beyond ‘the Council should do something’,tell us your ideas and pledges about what YOU will do on climate change in Manchester (ideally with other people, ideally actions that make it easier for other people to take action too).

If you don’t have ideas you feel ready to share, then your mission is to spread this blogpost/meme/whatever-you-are-reading to as many people who might have ideas…

The email to send ideas to is climateemergencymanchester@gmail.com Please put IDEAS 4 ACTION in the subject header.

Your deadline, again, is Saturday 19th October at 12 noon.

Any questions that are not answered below in the details section, contact us!


If you want to have your name (either as an individual or group) attached to a council-facing idea, please say so. Otherwise we will put ‘Anon’ next to it.

Obviously, we need your name against any pledge you make.

We’re dividing the “suggestions to the Council” section in four ways

1 and 2 – Ideas for accelerating action on the elements of the declaration, divided into October-Xmas and Jan-April 2020

3 and 4 – Ideas for accelerating action on Council climate action beyond the declaration, divided into October-Xmas and Jan-April 2020

We’re dividing the “pledges from the pubic section in four ways

1 and 2 – Pledges for accelerating action on the elements of the declaration and Council climate action in general, divided into October-Xmas and Jan-April 2020

3 and 4 – Pledges for accelerating climate action in Manchester, divided into October-Xmas and Jan-April 2020