Volunteer researcher needed for a few hours, before Xmas – around local authorities and #climate change

Every three months Climate Emergency Manchester is going to produce a report on what progress (if any) Manchester City Council has made on the 23 elements of its July 2019 declaration of a “Climate Emergency”.  The first report, “The Dead Tortoise Society,” came out in October.

Here’s your chance to be involved (by name, or anonymously if you like) in producing the next one.  We need someone to do some desk-based research about what OTHER local authorities in the UK have been doing on the climate emergency.  What have they been doing that ought to also be happening here in Manchester. This will feed into the second report, which comes out in January.

No dosh, but you will get the warm inner glow that comes from saving the biosphere and human civilisation.*

We need this work done before Christmas.  If you’ve some time (we’re talking a few hours here, tops), and you’re interested, please contact either

chloe@climateemergencymanchester.net or marc@climateemergencymanchester.net



*Actual glow may vary. Always read the label.

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