Petition update – 1st March 2020

We had another good week, especially with paper collections (a huge thank you to our collectors – if you want to collect on paper, please read  the advice here before you download a blank sheet here).

As of now we have 169 online and 252 definite paper ones (we are taking a cautious approach to saying whether a signatures is okay) The main reasons some of the signatures have invalid is that people are putting addresses that are not in Manchester City Council’s boundaries. To recap – if you live in Stockport/Trafford etc then the address you would have to put to be where you work or study within MCC boundaries. Obviously, if you don’t live, work or study in Manchester City Council’s boundaries, you are ineligible…

Geographical spread

We don’t know where people who sign online are from, and if people are signing with their University of Manchester eligibility, we are NOT counting that as an Ardwick ward address (we don’t want to skew the results). So with those provisos in mind, the leading wards for signatures are Rusholme and Whalley Range, both of which may hit the minimum target of 32 signatures very soon.  The good news is that there are only 8 wards out of the 32 where we don’t yet have any signatures on paper – Baguley, Charlestown, Cheetham, Harpurhey, Higher Blackley, Miles Platting and Newton Heath, Sharston, and Woodhouse Park.

Very soon we will have a clickable map with these details up on the site.

Our targets for the coming week (by Sunday 8 March)

online to get to 200 (which means we need another 31) You can help by asking your friends, acquaintances etc to sign. They register here first. It takes two minutes.

on paper – another 200 valid on top of what we already have. You can help by  downloading and collecting at on your street, your place of work, study or worship/sports club etc. There’s no lower age limit, no nationality limit. The person must print their name, give their signature, circle the live/work/study and give the address that gives them eligibility. If they don’t want to give their home address and that is the only eligible address, ask them to sign online instead. The link is here. As soon as you have a completed sheet of ten signatures, email us on

Our goal for the end of March is to have 1333 valid signatures (which would be 1/3rd of the way to our target of 4000). That’s a stretch target, but we can make it, especially if

a) people help us collect at the next Climate Strike, on Friday 13th March

b) people invite us to come and collect at events they organise

c) people help us do a “petition blitz” between Friday 20th and Monday 23rd March. This will involve collecting at place of work/study/worship and as well as that joining teams which will be collecting in wards throughout the city (especially ones where not many folks have signed yet)

Please get in touch!! As ever, we are looking for more people to help co-ordinating the collection, and people with specialist skills (graphic design, project management etc).  Yes, there would be meetings – probably one every two weeks, lasting a maximum of an hour.

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