Coronavirus help in #Manchester 01: @OpenKitchenMcr

Climate Emergency Manchester is all about increased civil society action (and ‘right policies, implemented’) in the face of adversity.  Right now, vulnerable people across Manchester are facing serious adversity. CEM will keep talking about climate change and the need for urgent action. We will – soon – come up with a plan B for collecting petition signatures during a contagion.  From right now, though, we will signal-boost the practical efforts of groups in Manchester which are helping the most vulnerable.  (See also this page on looking after yourself and this page for how to volunteer your help).

First up, OpenKitchen Mcr

Coronavirus response: Get busy and keep cooking!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with us…. Open Kitchen MCR is a waste food not for profit. We work with a huge range of food businesses to source perfectly edible food that will otherwise go to waste and use it to provide meals and food to a range of people. Under normal circumstances, we operate a waste food catering service to generate income (and stamp out food waste), and this subsidises our work supporting vulnerable people with hot nutritious meals, food and supplies.

We’re starting to be contacted by people who are going to struggle to keep themselves fed during the Coronavirus social distancing protocols. The first people affected seem to be those who are currently well, but at high risk due to existing health concerns, and therefore having to self-isolate. As the measures take hold, we imagine there will be a huge number of people affected, including children who would normally receive a free school meal, people in food poverty who would normally visit a food bank or community centre for support, and people who become ill and have a limited network of support around them.


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