Fact Checking Corner with SRL (or “why proper scrutiny of climate policy is not pOiNtLeSs ToKeNiSm”) #7thScrutinyCommitteeNow

Two weeks ago today a 90 minute “conference” took place. Halfway through it, those who attended were surprised to learn that despite the billing as a “climate” conference, it was actually about economic recovery. And then, at the end…. well, you’ll have to watch this video, made by Marion Smith of the CEM core group, to catch the full wonder of it all…

Here are some inconvenient truths.

  • Manchester burned a quarter of its entire carbon budget for the 21st century in the last 2 years. Things are not on track.
  • Climate change will make life even harder for those already suffering poverty and deprivation. Climate change is the mother of all social justice issues.
  • Right now, the people who are supposed to be leading on climate change in Manchester are in a parallel universe of their own devising.
    They want you to join them in it.

We need reality. One way of getting that reality is a seventh scrutiny committee, with the time for people who live in reality to ask the right questions, and the time to refuse to be fobbed off, evaded.
If you live, work or study in Manchester, you can sign the petition.

Here are seven things you can do once you’ve signed.

  1. Share the petition link on your social media (#7thcommitteenow would be good)
  2. Make a short video and post it online (like this one – tell us you’ve done it)
  3. Make a list of seven people who live, work or study in Manchester City Council’s boundaries and contact them individually (phone call, text, whatsapp, carrier pigeon) asking them to sign the petition, or at the very least give it a signal boost
  4. Tell us about upcoming online events where we could do a 1 or 3 minute talk about the petition
  5. Tell your three councillors that you have signed and ask if they intend to (councillors are indeed allowed to sign petitions)
  6. Get the petition mentioned in any email bulletins/newsletters which will be read by people who live, work or study in Manchester
  7. Tell us your good ideas about collecting signatures

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