On the 7th, ask 7 friends to sign the petition for a 7th scrutiny committee. #Manchester #climate

We have some favours to ask. On this coming Friday, 7th August, we would love you (at either/both an individual or organisational level) to

a) contact (at least) seven people who live, work or study in Manchester, and ask them – individually – to sign the petition for a seventh scrutiny committee, devoted to climate change.

b) just for the day, change your Twitter/Facebook avatar to the icon for a seventh scrutiny committee (and tweet at us! @ClimateEmergMcr)

c) write a post/pinned tweet about the petition for a seventh scrutiny committee., It could be something as simple as

#Manchester is way off target on #climate. The poorest will be hit soonest + hardest. A scrutiny committee to assess action regularly is one way forward. If you live/work/study in Manchester, pls sign & share the @ClimateEmergMcr petition for this. https://democracy.manchester.gov.uk/mgEPetitionDisplay.aspx?ID=36&RPID=0&HPID=0

d) Make a short video – “HI, I’m xxx, I live in [name of the ward where you live]. I’ve signed the petition for a seventh scrutiny committee because [xxxx]. If you live in Manchester [and you could name some wards if you liked!] please sign.”  Then send us the raw footage to contact@climateemergencymanchester.net

We need to get 4000 signatures by Tuesday November 10th to force a debate in Full Council about this. We have just over 300 online and about 500 on paper.  It’s not going to be easy, thanks to social distancing, to do much/any collecting “in real life.” With your help though, we think we can get there. If you live with people who would sign on paper but wouldn’t want to battle with the online system, you can download a copy of the paper petition sheet, print it off, get them to sign and then email us so we can come collect (scans of sheets are not valid).

We will also be doing this media social blitz thing on Monday 7th September and Wednesday 7th October (and possibly Saturday 7th November) and would love your participation on any/all of those days and get involved in the campaign more generally.  Specifically, we would also love invites to speak (briefly!) at any online meetings you are organising, or to be able to write guest posts for any blogs/websites you administer. Please let us know if that would be possible.

Please do get in touch with questions, comments, suggestions.- contact@climateemergencymanchester.net

1 thought on “On the 7th, ask 7 friends to sign the petition for a 7th scrutiny committee. #Manchester #climate”

  1. Climate change has to be taken seriously. We know too well that it has detrimental effect for communities around the world. It has bigger impact in the SE Asian countries such as India, Philippine and Bangladesh It impacts on: crop, human health, migration, and many more issues in sustaining human communities and biodiversity.
    We need to: stop deforestation, emit less carbon dioxide, grow more local food, change life style and cycle and walk rather than use cars. Apply the three R’s REUSE, RECYCLE and REDUCE etc..

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