Save Ryebank Fields- what next? @ryebankfields #Manchester

So, MMU sent people to fence off Ryebank Fields today.  What happened next?

At least 40 people showed up to help protect the fields. We tried to prevent them putting up fences in a peaceful & socially distanced way. The police turned up & left. We were interviewed by Radio Mcr (went out at 10am) & the Meteor. The fencers left as they felt they couldn’t put the fencing up in a safe way.

What do you think MMU should do next?
They should give the fields back to the public to be used as a nature haven.

What do you think MMU WILL do next?
We think they’ll bring more security next time and possibly try to out us negatively in the media.

What support (specific as you like) do you want from folks who want to defend green space in Manchester?
Follow us on social media, [website] sign our petition and be ready to object to a planning application.

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