TONIGHT “How can we adapt in the face of #climate uncertainty?” Online event – Kevin Anderson, Margaret Heffernan and others

Free event tonight. Should be good. Kevin Anderson is a professor at University of Manchester, has been pointing out that nature is not fooled by our accounting trickery/PR spin.  See this November 2019 video we made, with wonkycam, of one of his presentations.  Margaret Heffernan wrote a fantastic book called “Wilful Blindness” about the ways we refuse to admit what we know (what the psychoanalysts call ‘disavowal‘).  The other folks on the panel/moderating look really good too.
Join us for a panel discussion and interactive Q&A around how we can adapt in the face of climate uncertainty

About this Event

How can we adapt to uncertainty as the climate changes?

This discussion will explore ways in which we can adapt to uncertainty – as a society faced with accelerating climate change and as individuals living our lives.

Some artists see the unknowable as a source of creativity – what is different about that view of the world?

Climate scientists have bounds of uncertainty built into their models and a range of possible futures exist – some very dark, others much brighter – how does that change things?

Climate change means that the future will certainly look very different but it is not yet certain how. Can the fact that there is uncertainty be a source of hope and provide inspiration to help build a future we want to see?

Panellists include:

Adam Chodzko, an artist who explores our conscious and unconscious behaviours, working across media, ranging from large-scale installations to de-materialised interventions.

Kevin Anderson, a climate scientist and Professor of Energy and Climate Change in the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering at the University of Manchester

Margaret Heffernan, entrepreneur, CEO, and author of Uncharted: How to Map the Future Together

Hosted by Bianca A. Manu a Ghanaian British curator, producer and writer invested in art and photography.

This event has interactive elements and audience members will have the option to ask questions and consider answers as part of a communal Q&A section. You’ll be able to access the event (via Zoom or YouTube Live) by logging into Eventbrite and visiting the event page.

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