Thirty years of soothing words from #Manchester City Council #ClimateEmergency

The only thing we learn from history, it seems, is that we learn nothing from history…  We live in a perpetual Groundhog Day, except without the humour or the pathos.

These banal/maudlin reflections are brought on by a dive into 30 year old minutes of Manchester City Council (#LivingTheDream) for an academic and activist project.  There is LOTS more to say, but for now, this:

Various councillors make great play of the fact that there is now a box at the top of all policy documents that come to Scrutiny/Council/Executive that talks about the climate emergency.

Wow. Radical eh?

Um, this from the Chief Executive in July 1991, as the negotiations which became the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change were already underway…

Same soothing crap, different decade (or three).

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