Leadership is granular, persistent, organised. Leadership is… absent. #Manchester #climate

For thirty years Manchester City Council has been claiming to demonstrate leadership on climate change, to communicate and to galvanise action. Below is the latest example, a “trivial” one, but indicative of the bigger problem, of why we are where we still are.

In February Manchester City Council released an excruciating video about all the things it claimed to have achieved on climate change (1). So far so normal. What caught our eye, when we saw the minutes of the “Zero Carbon Coordination Group” (this required a FOIA, because the Council is NOT proactive about releasing this information) was the following claim.

So, we submitted the following process-obsessed FOIA

And the reply? You guessed it.

To be clear. This is not a personal attack, though some will want to characterise it as such. It’s an example of THIRTY YEARS of failure to do more than self-serving talk and no granular, persistent, consistent follow-up. Just hand-washing of responsibility, and hiding behind the word “partnership.”


(1) We’re not linking to it, for our sanity and yours.

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