Our “Strawberry Snapshot” directory will feature lots of environmental & social justice campaigns, including @AytounBarksBack

On Monday 12th July CEM will launch a directory of campaigning groups and resources. It will have info about mostly environmental and social justice, but if you think you belong in there, get in touch, via contact@climateemergencymanchester.net

To whet your appetites, we are featuring groups who have already given their answers. Here’s the answers we got from Aytoun Barks Back.

NameAytoun Barks Back
WebsiteN/A (yet…)
Purpose of group (two paragraphs maximum)We want the Council to agree to the proposal by local residents to place a Tree Preservation Order on the 31 large London plane trees between Aytoun, Minshull, Major and Bloom Streets in Manchester city centre. Over 100 people asked the Council to do this in December 2020 – they have still not replied, so we are increasing the pressure with a public petition and by building good links with similar campaigns.We want to make sure no developers can decide to chop down this ‘horseshoe’ of magnificent trees as part of any building on the site (currently empty space used for car parking). The Greater Manchester Ecology Unit has said: ‘Tree cover, and particularly cover from mature broadleaved trees, is very scarce in the city centre and therefore the trees are an important local resource for wildlife’.  The trees also play an important part in keeping the city’s air cleaner. This makes their presence highly relevant to the Council’s aim of making Manchester a zero-carbon city.
Skills/knowledge/resources your group has that it is willing to share with othersInformation research – gathering good quality evidencePre-disposition towards partnership working!
Skills/knowledge/resources your group would like to acquire in the  coming monthsUnderstanding local council processesAn eye for good publicity wins

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