Wythenshawe Waste Warriors – who what why how – all in the “Strawberry Snapshot”

On Monday 12th July CEM will launch a directory of campaigning groups and resources. It will have info about mostly environmental and social justice, but if you think you belong in there, get in touch, via contact@climateemergencymanchester.net

If you want to come to the 45 minute launch event on Monday evening, email us for the log-in details

To whet your appetites, we are featuring groups who have already given their answers. Here’s

Wythenshawe Waste Warriors

Wyth-Waste-Warrior-logo-vector-with-shading-no background--Michelle-Comar
NameWythenshawe Waste Warriors
Purpose of group (two paragraphs maximum)https://4570303.igen.app We at Wythenshawe Waste Warriors are a group established to support volunteers across our five wards in South Manchester to tackle waste in all its forms including litter and carbon. We have partners in all sectors and signpost residents to lead volunteers in local areas, wooded areas, parks and more. We have a working app that helps with advice and a website that shows good practice and our work. We have a Charter that encourages business and community group involvement and are proud of where we live.   We have many wonderful partners who are very giving with their time and skill set, experience and volunteer hours. From litter picking safely to planting we can help all like minded people and groups make a difference free of charge.   We welcome all to join us in the fight against waste and encourage partners to join us from all sectors. By all means search for the contact form on our website and drop us a line.
Skills/knowledge/resources your group has that it is willing to share with others 
Skills/knowledge/resources your group would like to acquire in the coming months 

1 thought on “Wythenshawe Waste Warriors – who what why how – all in the “Strawberry Snapshot””

  1. Hearing reports about the Music Event next weekend. Very disturbing . The organisers have already broken down some large Trees in the Park [Which I though were Crucial against Global Warming] They are driving trucks/ and Soon, Coaches over the Grass areas, causing long term damage, I am told this is a free event but is M/ch receiving payment for damages??? I agree it is good for folk to use our Park forfree time & socialising but surly Everyone using the park should be responsible for protecting this space.. Can anything be done? From an unhappy resident.

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