CEM Podcast Ep. 7.2 – September Scrutiny Week

Lauren, Chloe and Simon from CEM’s Team Scrutiny discuss Manchester’s emerging proposals for retrofit and green skills from two scrutiny committees; Economy, and Environment and Climate Change.

It’s a promising yet very, very late start.

Technical note: Due to a microphone malfunction, Simon’s voice sounds a bit rougher than normal. Sorry! We hope the content is still as engaging.

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In this episode:

  • Simon introduces the retrofit report – 84,000 properties required with a (pre-inflation crisis) average price tag of £25-30K per property.
  • Lauren, Simon and Chloe explore the impact of inflation on the proposals. [1:04]
  • List of good insulation achievements is no kind of indicator of progress towards retrofit targets. [5:19]
  • What does retrofit mean anyway? [6:50]
  • The retrofit strategy – to retrofit 84,000 houses, it relies on more than just council/social houses. Around 17,000 owner/occupier or private rented houses will also need to be retrofitted. [10:15]
  • Greater Manchester review of typical housing stock. [13:12]
  • Councillors ask why planning doesn’t require the greenest standards for newly built housing. [16:13]
  • Chloe introduces green skills discussed at Economy Scrutiny Commitee. [17:08]
  • There’s good stuff happening on creating green skills (e.g. an army of retrofitters) but it’s all small scale right now. [20:05]
  • This should be a rallying moment for Manchester and scrutiny needs to reflect that [23:29]
  • Christmas is coming. What Chloe, Simon and Lauren want in their stockings from MCC and the Climate Change Agency. [25:40]
  • Lauren on September scrutiny – “a greatest hits of incompetence, inaction and failure of leadership”
  • Manchester City Council are “pulling every lever” [spoiler – they’re not]  [28:44]

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