Below is a list of our current projects; we’ll keep this updated as things change.

Update 4th September 2020

Petition for A Seventh Scrutiny Committee

This is our number one priority. It is also our number two, three and four priority.  We need to get another 3100 signatures by November 10th 2020.  That will then mean that Full Council has to debate whether to create a seventh scrutiny committee.

Anyone who lives, works or studies in Manchester can sign the petition. But we REALLY need people to join our “Petition Task Force” and help us get invites to speak at (online and ‘real world’) events, to come out QR coding with us (i.e. walking around wearing a sandwich board with a QR code on it!), helping out on social media – you name it.

Our other priority (kinda number five) is the Active Citizenship Toolkit.

This is a way for individuals and groups to figure out what skills, knowledge and relationships they need to achieve their goals, what they have, and what the gaps are.  Then they can start to plug those gaps… A separate website dedicated to this will be launched very soon (in beta). We need writers, thinkers, proorfeaders, graphic designers, crash test dummies etc…


Ongoing – scrutinising the council

We read the reports, we “attend” the scrutiny meetings, we submit Freedom of Information Act requests, we write reports. We need researchers, proof-readers, graphic designers etc.

Ongoing – providing national and international context

We keep track of what is and is not happening on the climate emergency at the level of local authorities and combined authorities. We need researchers, proof-readers etc