UPDATE: Petition campaign completed.

Thanks to all those who signed and who supported our efforts to get signatures. We got 771 online (for context, the next most successful comparable petition got 90). We also got over 800 signatures on paper.  This means that although we won’t be getting a debate in full Council, we will be in front of the Neighbourhoods and Environment Scrutiny Committee at some point in the new year.

Our other activities as CEM have continued and will continue.  You can find out more on this website or our Twitter @ClimateEmergMcr. Our email is contact@climateemergencymanchester.net

Thanks for taking the QR code picture, if that is how you came to this page!

If you live, work or study within Manchester City Council’s boundaries, you can sign the petition for a seventh scrutiny committee online here.

Alternatively, you can sign on paper by printing off this sheet and signing, then emailing us on contact@climateemergencymanchester.net. We will then collect.

We believe we can get the 4000 signatures we need by 10th November if everyone who signs the petition ALSO asks at least 5 of their friends, family and work colleagues to do the same.

We’re trying to make it easier for you to do that.  Further down on this page you will find a bunch of memes, gifs, videos etc that you can share or

We have two other requests.

a) please invite us to attend any online meetings you are organising where there will be people who live, work or study in Manchester. It can be big or small – we’d just like a few minutes to explain why we’re organising this petition for a seventh scrutiny committee.

b) please download and print this poster and stick it in a window facing onto a street/on any noticeboards.




Manchester City Council keeps making wonderful promises about climate change and then not delivering. They are able to do that because there is no regular (month in, month out) scrutiny of what they are (not) doing.

We need to break that cycle.

We need a seventh scrutiny committee that looks at the climate emergency month in, month out.

You can help us get that committee. We need 4000 signatures from people who live, work or study in Manchester City Council’s boundaries by 10th November 2020.

As of 1st September, we have 903.

Here is a list of 15 ways you can help us get the signatures. The short version is this – sign and then ask at least 5 of your friends/family/work colleagues to sign.

Get the petition mentioned in email bulletins, newsletters etc.

Invite us to speak at events (online and real life) – email us on: contact@climateemergencymanchester.net

Take part in our social media blitzes” on Monday 7th September and Wednesday 7th October.

Put this poster in your window so people walking buy see it. Put it up on noticeboards. The QR code leads to this page…

There’s a video explainer of how to sign here and below are some labelled screenshots for you to send to other people who are wondering about how to sign. (you have to register here) to sign it 


If you want to collect signatures “in real life” THANK YOU, but remember to be safe and follow COVID guidelines around social distancing.

Here’s some advice…


  • Please first read this one page advice sheet – we want to minimise the number of ineligible signatures (it wastes time, hurts morale, creates unnecessary work for Council officials).
  • Then download latest petition sheet, as a pdf.  Please only collect signatures on the front, do NOT use the back.

Our email is petition@climateemergencymanchester.net

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