If you’d like to get involved with CEM, you can email us. In your email you could include (some / any) of the following information:
  • Physical location (town is fine!)
  • What do you want to do (eg spreading the word about our work on social media, collecting petition signatures, writing for our website, research for one of our periodic reports, helping activists and social movements improve their skills and knowledge, whatever else!)
  • What skills you have that you want to put to use (could include research, social media, communications, project management, graphic design, public speaking, meeting design (online or offline), education, lobbying councillors, media (press releases, being interviewed) etc etc) – let us know, whatever your skills or knowledge, we can find something useful and interesting for you, and we won’t make you come to lots of meetings
  • What skills would you like to acquire – could be anything from the list above, or anything else “activist- adjacent”. Let us know – we’re always happy to talk to people who want to get involved.

If you get in touch, we may use your email to contact you about any of the work that CEM does. If at some point you decide you never want to hear from us again, you only have to let us know.