So you want to support the petition – great! However before you get to signing, we need to make sure you’re eligible to sign as we don’t want the petition to fail due to us including signatures that in the end, will not count.

The key criterion is that the person signing the petition needs to live, work or study within the City of Manchester. See this map:


This means either their home, place of work or study must lie within this boundary for them to be eligible.

There are no specific restrictions on age – any child who “knows their own mind” would be eligible – certainly anyone in secondary education. There are also no restrictions on nationality – if you’re resident in the UK and satisfy the “lives, works or studies in the city of Manchester” criterion, you can sign.

Assuming you’re confident based on the details above that you’re eligible, please click here to learn how to avoid the potential pitfalls of completing the petition online with our handy guide.

Even if you’re not eligible, you can still support what we’re doing (and your help is hugely valued!)