This handbook would not have been possible without the guidance, contribution and support of the other core members of Climate Emergency Manchester: Adam Peirce, Calum McFarlane, Chloe Jeffries and Marc Hudson.

Whilst much of the content in this handbook was written directly for this guide, some sections have been amended from Climate Emergency Manchester’s Active Citizenship Toolkit- more information can be found here.

We are big believers in listening to as many different voices in climate activism as possible, we’d like to thank the individuals and organisations that have provided us with interviews and profiles- academics Dr Joe Blakey and Dr Jennifer Atkinson; Fritha Heaven and Daniel Johnson from People & Planet UoM; the volunteers at Want not Waste; the Student’s Union Education officer Laetitia Alexandratos, and Holly, Matthew and Sarah for their reflections on a climate-sane curriculum.

A great deal of thanks also goes to this handbook’s proofreaders: Alison Peirce, Joanne Smith, Ryan Woods and Sam Gunsch- your feedback has been invaluable!

We would also like to thank Esme Ward, Hannah Lee-Chalk and Chiara Ludolini from the Manchester Museum for their support in promoting this handbook.

Thank you also to Laura Jane Boast at LJB Studio for the tip-off on using Canva for graphic designing- using this program has made this process far quicker than it would be otherwise! We hope this handbook marks some form of improvement in Marion’s graphic design skills.

Finally, on a probably quite cheesy note, thank you to all the students, climate activists and individuals who find some kind of merit in this handbook.

Acknowledging and confronting your emotions about the climate crisis is a monumental personal task, and the world needs more people like you. You’re the people we’ve written this handbook for.


We intend to do another edition, so if you’ve found something wrong with this page, or you have comments, you can either leave a comment below, or else email us on

If you like this handbook, and you’re reading this before November 10th 2020, and you live, work or study within Manchester City Council’s boundaries, please sign the petition for a seventh scrutiny committee, then share the petition with seven of your friends…

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