Climate Emergency Manchester – get involved, get skilled up… Sat 15th, Weds 19th, Sun 23rd…

There are three opportunities for you to get involved with Climate Emergency Manchester over the coming week.

june 15 meetingOn Saturday  June 15th, from 11.30am there’s a meeting in Northenden on the topic “What can we do about the climate emergency here n Manchester?” It’s free and there’s no need to book. The format will involve a very short introduction, then getting into groups to figure out questions, find out what knowledge and skills are already in the room, and also make practical suggestions (short and medium term) about what could be done locally (in Northenden, South Manchester and across Manchester) to create a low carbon culture, and to create the kinds of cultural, political and economic pressures for rapid and socially just change. It will be more fun than it sounds, and you will DEFINITELY meet lots of like-minded people.

Secondly, on Wednesday June 19th, at 1pm Climate Emergency Manchester folks are meeting at the Waterhouse Pub (the Wetherspoons next to the War Memorial outside the Town Hall). We’ll mingle and plot, before attending the 2pm meeting of the Neighbourhoods and Environment Scrutiny Committee, held in the Town Hall Extension. Why are we doing this? To start to develop the skills, knowledge and relationships which will be KEY to Climate Emergency Manchester’s goals, which are to get the City Council to adopt strong policies and then get them to implement those policies. Read the previous post, “the January 4th 2023 problem” for more perspective on this.  If we aren’t there on that date, providing scrutiny, suggestions and constructively critical perspective, then we are worse than useless

Finally, we are going to be out in force collecting signatures at the Manchester Day Parade on Sunday June 23rd (it’s on the theme of sustainability, after all). Please come help us get the rest of the signatures! We will supply clipboards, pens, and basic training! Get in touch via if you can make it.

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