Help for parents freaking out about #climate change #climatebreakdown

Parents who are freaking out about climate change – what to do, how to talk with their children – have a new resource, thanks to the work of Stockport-based parent, Calum McFarlane.  Mr McFarlane, who is the co-founder of Climate Emergency Manchester, has created a web-page with the eye-catching title

If you’re freaking out about climate change (especially if you’re a parent).

It recounts his personal experience of going through despair (see also this recent blog post)  and then turns to ‘what can we do’?

The page is  divided into four parts –

  • things you can do,
  • things to help you talk to your children about this,
  • things to challenge your thinking
  • some people who may be able to help you more directly and interactively.

The page will be updated as often as it can, as people send in additional materials. Mr McFarlane says

“I’d be delighted to hear if this page helps you in any way – and if there is anything that’s helped you that you’d like me to add to it.  I’d also be happy to publish essays, videos, musical recordings – or anything else recounting your own experiences in dealing with climate breakdown – particularly if you are a parent. You can reach me here. “