Upcoming- “MCC & Climate Change 4 Beginners” Thurs 13th Feb, 7pm

Confused by the difference between a member and officer? Executive and scrutiny? subgroups and purdah? hustings? GMCA?  Where did these climate “policies” all COME from?

Our new report will give you the basics, without overwhelming you.

Come get a copy (it will be downloadable for free) at our launch, hosted by The Sandbar (thanks Sandbar!) 120 Grosvenor St,  The meeting starts 7pm ish, and by 9pm all of us will have drowned our sorrows (climate change, the lack of a response, the general STATE of things) to the point of gentle incoherence.

Besides hearing briefly from the authors of the report, you will also get to mingle with loads of other folks who give a damn and want to see a real response to the climate emergency, beyond the spin and the bluster.

(Also, ‘how to collect valid signatures for The Petition training on offer – takes 5 mins)

Free, no need to book.  We will try to film bits of it too, and put up on the site, for those who cannot make it –  but no promises…


1 thought on “Upcoming- “MCC & Climate Change 4 Beginners” Thurs 13th Feb, 7pm”

  1. I have doubted that the climate change effects are the reflections of #Agenda21. ( 95% of depopulation )
    * Australia forest fire
    * China’s Coronavirus.. !! Still they are getting severe. But world leaders are kept quiet. Why they are not ready to help the young activists… please give a chance to young activists around the word. Youngsters can do anything. If they take charge on climate risk.. they will change the facts. #Support gretathunberg. #savetheworld #savethenature.

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