New CEM report: “Manchester City Council and Climate Change for beginners”

Climate Emergency Manchester (1) today releases a new report explaining the ins and outs of Manchester City Council, and its history of undelivered promises on climate change.  The 32 page report will be launched tonight (Thursday 13th February 2020)  at the Sandbar, 120 Grosvenor St,from 7pm

Chloe Jeffries from Climate Emergency Manchester said

 “Climate change is an emergency, and needs more people who live, work or study in Manchester pressuring the City Council to finally take real action. The  Council has so many committees, sub-groups, partnerships and so on that the ordinary person can get bewildered. Our free-to-download report, written by a team of members and supporters, will help people understand how the pieces of the puzzle fit together. It also makes a series of concrete recommendations about how to speed up action.”

Climate Emergency Manchester will keep working with other groups and individuals, swapping knowledge and skills, and helping people take action on a fairer zero carbon society. It has also created a petition calling for a seventh scrutiny committee, dedicated to climate change, and also calling for the Council to make strenuous efforts to find additional funding for local climate action. Anyone who lives, works or studies within Manchester City Council’s boundaries can sign (no age or nationality restriction).


(1)  Climate Emergency Manchester is a non-partisan group of volunteers from Manchester. It aims to scrutinise the Council’s actual actions (as distinct from its fine words) and to propose policies to help the city cope with now-inevitable climate change and meet its international obligations.

1 thought on “New CEM report: “Manchester City Council and Climate Change for beginners””

  1. Go for it – I am so proud of all your endeavours . Don’t think I can come tonight as I’m caring full time for a v good friend and her partner who has just had a stroke . But can’t wait to see the document !

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