Petition update – 23rd February 2020: 1/10th of the way there….


As of Sunday 23rd February, slightly under two weeks into the petition, we have got roughly 400 of the 4000 signatures we need to get a debate in full council.  We have 153 online and approximately 250 on paper (exact number will be announced soon – thanks to those people who have already collected some at their place of work/’on the street!)  As of next week we will be reporting on every ward’s numbers (Manchester City Council has 32 wards, and we intend to collect at the very least 32 from each of those

In the coming week we will be collecting at the UCU strike, and also ‘out and about’ at various meetings. On Saturday 29th we want to collect at various events in Manchester City Centre.  We will also be at CEM’s End of the World reading group on Thursday 27th February, from 7.30pm at the Sandbar – the book in question is Animal Farm….

How you can help

Obviously, if you are eligible, sign the petition (you have to register here – first, but it only takes two minutes.

Then, whether you are eligible or not, please SHARE the petition on your social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc), with your friends, family, anywhere there are people who can sign. If you work or study within Manchester City Council’s boundaries (UoM, RNCM, MMU yes, Salford University no), why not download a blank petition sheet, print it off and collect signatures (there’s a one page ‘how to’ sheet here.)  If you want to help us collect signatures at various big events (Climate Strikes and the like), please get in touch.

Most of all though, CEM wants invites – to come talk briefly to meetings, (unions, religious, tenants and residents etc) across the 32 wards of the city (and especially beyond the Hulme-Chorlton-Didsbury triangle…). CEM is also very happy to do longer workshops (interactive ones, not lectures in disguise).

If you have questions, suggestions or offers of time, skills or energy, please do get in touch, via @ClimateEmergMcr on Twitter, or

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