CEM Monthly Meeting – February 2020

Whilst CEM does its best to do what it does without endless meetings, we do have to tolerate (!) each other’s company from time to time and discuss our activities, (past, present and future) and their effectiveness (past, present and future!), which we do about once a month. Sometimes we even make Important Decisions by having a Debate and then Voting Democratically.

Things we talked about this week include (in no particular order):

  • How we we are getting on with our personal development plans (1); (or not, we’re all volunteers and have Real Lives to be getting on with, including jobs, children, relationships, etc)
  • How to best get 4000 signatures on our petition as quickly as possible without dropping too many other things we want to be doing
  • What sort of organisation CEM wants to be as it reaches its first birthday (and beyond!) – how will it run itself, fund (?) itself, etc
  • Who have we met in the wider Manchester “scene” and what did we talk about with them
  • What the AF is going in inside MCC at the moment?
  • Planning for Exciting Events coming up soon (save the date; 22nd April 2020 we have something quite special planned!)

If you want to support what we’re doing, in ways big or small, please get in touch. We’re looking for researchers, graphic designers, people who can collect signatures for the petition, people who can introduce us at events where we can collect signatures, and of course, anyone else who wants to see action taken on climate and environment in Manchester and has time and energy they can put to good use.

1. In the “core group” we all identify things we want to learn to do, or get better at, and then try to arrange the activities we are involved in to support those goals.

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