Video: Council inaction on #climate, petition, Activist Citizenship Toolkit – Weds 27th May @ClimateEmergMcr meeting

On Wednesday 27th May Climate Emergency Manchester held an online meeting to discuss what has (and has not!) been going on with climate policy in Manchester, some of CEM’s projects and to have a general chat about ‘what next?’

We chose the day because it’s when the Neighbourhood and Environment Scrutiny Committee should have met.  Attendance was, er, select (some folks who intended to come couldn’t, and we only announced it the Friday before), but the conversation was of high quality, and Adam Peirce of CEM as chair kept things moving..

Below are the videos of the meeting (we did tell people they were being recorded).

In the first half Chloe Jeffries gave an overview of the third Hung Drawn and Quarterly report, and Marc Hudson outlined the current state of the Petition calling for a seventh scrutiny committee (stalled!) and got some good ideas about how to get things moving again, both online and – potentially, if it can be done safely, on paper.

We took a ten minute break (something you should do in a meatspace meeting too, imo) and then some came back for the second half of meeting, which involved a brief intro to the concept of our Active Citizenship Toolkit, and then a more general discussion about ‘what next’?

The next online meetings of Climate Emergency Manchester are

a) Weds 3rd June at 2pm we will have some kind of group ‘watch’ of the Virtual Executive meeting of Manchester City Council.

b) Thurs 4th June, the next End of the World Book Club – we will be discussing William Golding’s Lord of the Flies”

c) Mon 22nd June at 7pm, the next meeting of the kind described above. It’s the night before at least one of the scrutiny committees meets (virtually).

If you want more info, to come along, whatever – email us on



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