Leadership at Ninja level: Killer Mike on the rioting in the USA after George Floyd’s murder

Watch this video. Share this video. Watch this video again. Share this video some more.

Killer Mike from Run the Jewels (yes, I had to look them up) shows what leadership is.

This speech is a demonstration of leadership at “ninja” level. This should and will be studied for years to come. He acknowledges his emotions, other people’s emotions. He urges them to be in charge of those emotions. He shouts out to previous civil rights movement leaders. He sugar-coats nothing. And he urges people to stop, think, plan, strategise, organise.

This is as good as it gets, imo. Everything you need to know about how to speak in public, what to advise, it’s here. When we publish the page in our Active Citizenship Toolkit about giving speeches, it will mostly just be a link to this.

Watch this video. Share this video. Watch it again, share it again.

Post by Marc Hudson, one of CEM’s core group members

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