Our response to Manchester Climate Change Partnership’s letter of support to the leader of the council

The Manchester Climate Change Partnership wrote a letter to the leader of the city council about an ambitious recovery plan to the devistation caused by COVID-19. We agree with that ambition, but want it followed up with short-term measures, like picking a random example… pop-up cycle lanes, so that we do not return to normal and properly honour those thousands that have been impacted or lost loved ones in the pandemic. Oh, and we want them to acknowledge the links between climate change and many other forms of discrimination and inequality, such as racism (but we could go on…), and put measures in place to tackle those in this recovery plan as well.

So here’s our response (PDF download), which we sent via email to the leader of the council and Manchester Climate Change Agency.

Please do share around, RT and let your councillors know if you want short-term measures in the next 6 months – then work with them to deliver change.


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