Endless F***ing Meetings and “Legitimate Peripheral Participation” – a novice’s guide #ActiveCitizenshipToolkit

Why are so many groups so bad at getting “the best” out of their members and supporters?
We at CEM think it is in part to do with not recognising that enabling “legitimate peripheral participation” – where people can do one-off (or regular) jobs that fit with their skills, interests and other commitments (jobs, little people, boxsets etc). To find out what you can “do” you have to go to endless flipping meetings, and that was unattractive (and impossible for many) before the pandemic began.

So today we are publishing our latest novice‘s guide, within the Active Citizenship Toolkit. It’s all about what why and how of “LPP”. You can download it here as a word document and here as a pdf. We will sort out as a web page too, but not imminently.

To be clear – we don’t claim to even be practitioners at this yet. If you’re reading this and snorting because we let you down, well, we apologise to and would love to try again, if you’re up for it. Email us on contact@climateemergencymanchester.net The main thing we are going to be asking folks to do over the coming months is spread the word/encourage signatures on our petition for a seventh scrutiny committee, dedicated to climate policy of Manchester City Council and its associated bodies and partnerships…

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