@ClimateEmergMcr’s Marion & Calum, interviewed on @MCRGND_POD

Here’s the link to their podcast.

“Ironically, there has been a lot of hot air when it comes to institutions and leaders taking on climate change. Promises of carbon neutrality in far off distant dates just kick the can down the road. How can we hold people and places of power to greater account? Are local governments able to take on the climate emergency they themselves declared? Or has the Covid pandemic turning governments back to “business as usual”?

“This week on the podcast we are joined By Marion Smith and Calum Mcfarlane from Manchester Climate Monthly (@ClimateEmergMcr) to discuss their recent reports on progress from GMCA since the Climate Emergency declaration, what is getting in the way of substantive change in the city and there vision for a greener Greater Manchester.”

There is also mention of our petition for a seventh scrutiny committee, of course.

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