Video: The need for a 7th scrutiny committee, devoted to #climate and #Manchester (in)action

Here’s a less-than-two-minutes summary of why we are campaigning for a seventh scrutiny committee.

There are gonna be more of these, and blog posts, gifs, cartoons, songs (yes, songs) etc.

We really would like everyone’s assistance in getting signatures from folks across all 32 wards of Manchester.  Remember, you only have to live, or work, or study within the City Council’s boundaries to sign the petition here.

Here’s our handy advice for signing online.

If you can’t sign online, contact us and we will email you a pdf of the paper sheet (or mail you one if you don’t have a printer).  Once you’ve signed, and got anyone else in your house who wants to sign to sign, email us and we will collect it…

We have an online meeting tomorrow night, Monday 3rd August, from 8pm to 8.45pm for folks to meet and to share ideas. Please email us on for the log in details.


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