More videos about the petition for a 7th Scrutiny Committee – #Withington #MossSide #Fallowfield #WhalleyRange #Manchester

If you live, work or study within the boundaries of Manchester City Council, you can sign the petition calling on the Council to set up a seventh scrutiny committee, dedicated to climate change..

Then please share the link with your friends.

Alternatively, you can print off a paper copy/ies, sign it, get other people in your “bubble” to sign it, then email us on and we will come collect.

If you’re up for it too, we’d love you to make a short video and send it to us  It doesn’t have to be more complicated than “Hi, I’m xxx, I live in [ward]. I’ve signed the petition for a seventh scrutiny committee dedicated to climate policy because…”

We want to have videos from all 32 wards as soon as possible (our first target is at least 21 by the end of August). We also want videos in other languages – Urdu, French, Polish, you name it.

We’ve already several from Rusholme (see Pooja Kishinani’s here – others to follow) and Clayton & Openshaw.

And here are new ones from


Moss Side

Whalley Range

and Withington

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