Active Citizenship Toolkit – more progress, but in reverse order to what we expected

There’s an old military adage that applies to, well, everything – “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.”

And so it is with the Active Citizenship Toolkit: if you had told me a month ago that the content creation was surging ahead while the crash test dummying of it was becalmed, I would have been surprised. And yet here we are…

We now have 162 (!) “elements” for which both an element descriptor (one paragraph) and level descriptors (a paragraph for describing what a novice, practitioner, expert or ninja might be able to do) have been written.

We ALSO have a rather a lot (>100ish)  (un-proofed/untidied) “element overview essays” which describe what the barriers to getting the element at a good level are, the consequences of not having it, and some ways that individuals/groups could overcome the barriers and get the element at the level they need.  These have come about through the wonder of long walks, a voice recorder, a file converter, and some ace transcribing software…

What we don’t have is groups besides Climate Emergency Manchester really cracking on with road-testing the Toolkit.  There may be a chicken-and-egg problem here- we can’t get groups to use it until there is a website/they have seen other groups use it.  Something to ponder…

The help we urgently need – besides groups coming forward to test out the toolkit – is this

a) proof-reading/editing/researching the element overview essays

b) beginning to devise development resources for the 52 “essential” elements.

If you’re interested in these, or anything else to do with the Toolkit, please get in touch… via


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